Monday, August 1, 2011

Okay....Underwear really?

So, I'm supposed to be working on a fancy Zuhair dress .  Eh.  I'll get to it.  I'm thinking of red "crazy pants" just because I loved Ragdoll's Jeans tutorial so much.  I'm also thinking about the hair I braided and the form I started making (that's another big project).  Then there is the antique lace bits that I recently took out.  I decided I want to make a skirt with it, so I then took out some silk to "line it".  Speaking of silk, there is the black silk I'm working on that needs to be made into a very intricate dress.  Shoes, I need shoes.

Ok, now that I sound totally nuts, there are just so many things that I want to make/have for Agnes.  My original idea (and still my goal) is to build an entire wardrobe -- I'm talking an extensive wardrobe.

It is summer time and here in Florida.  It's hot, so I spend most of my time indoors (unlike when I lived in Massachusetts and spent every waking moment outdoors in the summer).  So, I have a lot of time on my hands.  The kids are not in school; there's not a lot going on.  Florida summer is similar to New England winters :)

So, I did say that I have a lot of time on my hands.  I was looking through my elastic collection (yes, I have a collection) to find some elastic for the waist of the antique lace and silk skirt.  There I saw some elastic I had purchased a while back in New York (I think it was at Westrim?)  I suddenly thought, panty set.  So, I knew this would "make up" quickly, so despite having about 10 projects brewing, I decided to go for it.

So, here's the first set.  Made up super fast.  Great.


But then I decided to make up a second set.  Easy? right?  Not so fast.  Perhaps because I was getting tired and it was getting late.  (I put the strap on in the wrong direction -- this required removing the tiny hand stitches, then restitching. )

I like the set and yes, I'm now on this lingerie kick.  I remember receiving a Jamie Show doll.  Quite a while back.  It was when they first appeared.  I loved the lingerie on the doll.

It was probably too sunny when I took this photo.  The elastic is pink, the lace is beige.  It's pretty cute.

My original diversion, turned into about a two hour escapade.

(I loved this photo, because of the shadow that Agnes cast)


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