Monday, July 23, 2012

What was supposed to be a quick project...

Seemed to drag on.  As each color needs to be applied separately and allowed to dry.  The black needed 3 "coats". What looks like silver is actually iridescent white.  I'm going to add a stick/holder and viola!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hopping around...

More than a jackrabbit!  I came across this last night while I was working on the mattress...

So, here goes, I got to thinking -- I have this half finished mask and I don't have enough time to finish the mattress anyway, so why not work on that...

I had the mask "shape" and the feathers attached, but nothing else.  I painted it silver, started adding some glitter, here's where I am now.  The white glitter didn't work, so I have to find something else to use.

For some reason, I keep thinking fuschia /magenta.... Any how, here I am:

Monday, July 16, 2012

So, I think I have all the things I need

I changed my mind on the mattress covering yesterday.  I want it to look shabby chic and I think a traditional ticking would be better than the white I was planning (I will use that for the mattress pad).

I have a photo of cutting out the foam.  The "pattern" was made after careful measuring and doing the math to see what a queen sized bed would be.  It is just 2 sheets of notebook paper, but I'm glad I made it as I can measure things against it... (Made sure it was big enough for the girls, etc.)

The pattern, a piece of batting and one of the pieces of foam, all on a blue cutting mat.

My mom was so cute, she said "how did you think of all that?"  -- I told her "I don't know it just comes to me".

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been making....

I'm still working on a doll bed.  It started out as a "shabby chic" project that I saw on Pinterest, it's grown into a full blown bed, mattress, and box spring... It's going to take some time... I'll work it through ;).  Hopefully, I'll have some photos to show.

It is still in its conceptual stages.  I imagine a white bed (of wood), with slats holding a mattress and box spring; a mattress pad, fitted and flat sheets and a quilt or bed spread.  -- You can see how this is going to take some time.

I've made a template of paper approximating the bed size.  I did some math.... a little extrapolation... If this 13.5" doll were a person of oh lets say 5'8", then what size would her Queen sized bed be.  I measured a queen sized bed... did the math and viola -- I got a size.  I made that out of paper and "tried" it out for size.  Looks good.  On to the next part.  I cut a mattress topper out of batting to place on top of the "foam" mattress.

I used some foam I had hanging around the house.... Cutting this has proved to be quite difficult.  Straight cuts, not easy.  I tried scissors, a (fabric) rotary cutter, even a razor blade.  Then I remembered in the store, they used an electric (food) knife.  Cleaner cuts.

I want to use a piping around the mattress so that will "complicate" things.  I have the fabric to cover the mattress.  It is a quilted diamond pattern (smallish diamonds).

I'm going to use a pillow case cover as the mattress pad, old pillow cases for my shabby chic bedding, and a hand quilted piece as a bed spread.

I need an exacto knife to cut the wood...  I have some ideas as to the shape... but I'm torn, where to take the time and cut just the one I want, or to use mostly straight pieces of wood as to go quicker...  decisions, decisions....

Of course I have several distractions in my life, my youngest leaves for college in a month or so and I want to finish a quilt I've been hand quilting for her.  My mom is ill.  It is her 85th birthday next month, my brother will fly in for that... I have to plan some sort of party for her.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Poor Agnes

This blog is originally about Agnes (and she's my first love).  I'm sure she's feeling a bit ignored, but not to worry.  I am chugging along behind the scenes.  I'll post soon what I have so far....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

She's my latest acquisition and she has her own blog

This is Coco.  A doll by Angelika Balan.

Her blog is:

I thought she needed her own separate blog??? Yeah, why not.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blogs, Boards and Forums??

Is it me? What's with all the Blogs?? Boards?? Forums??
For me it started with DOA (Den of Angels), I joined, learned how to navigate, posted...
DOA was kind of "restrictive" in that certain dolls couldn't be discussed.  This was fine, as I understood or thought I understood their method**.  The dolls had to be asian ball jointed dolls, (unless someone had an affiliation with them -- you saw dolls such as Briar, Yslande (sp?) -- Dollfair carried the Enchantment dolls.

** I could never understand why very talented artists like Cristy Stone (xtreme dolls) or Kaye Wiggs were excluded.

While looking for Enchantment dolls, I ended up stumbling into Enchanted dolls.  The dolls from Marina Bychkova.   I was enchanted.  I got on the waiting list.  I was active on that forum for a few years; I think.  Marina's waiting list became a wish list when she announced she would not be working through the waiting list by continuing to make nude dolls.   It is her prerogative to do as she chooses.  I was surprised how many people were "angered" by her decision.  I really loved the look of her dolls.  This will sound weird but they had an alien like quality to their faces -- almost futuristic.  If it were not for Enchanted doll --I  would never have discovered porcelain bjds.  There are many "makers" now and more joining in all the time.  Definitely porcelain bjds are in my future.  I really like them.   Resin just doesn't interest me any more.  I'm sure I'll be eating those words...

I digress.  What I started talking about was all the blogs and boards and forums I used to follow.  I can't imagine anyone following my blog or all the boards for very long.  I love the boards, don't get me wrong.  I love seeing new/different dolls -- I can't get used to the set up -- I haven't lost interest, I just find it more exciting to be on FLICKR???????  WHAT??????  Yeah, I love to see the new dolls, the new OOAK clothes, just stuff.......  I must be more visual.  Is it me?  I just think there is always some drama popping up and I guess I'm too frank -- I just want to say it like it is.

Now there's Pinterest.  It's not a discussion, but like Flickr you can see "what's out there".

If not for the fact that I spent most of my day at the hospital today with my mom -- I would have posted earlier and had a photo!!  Tomorrow....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

I certainly am.  I've been on vacation with my family and been busy.. check back soon as I have been working on some stuff.  My camera battery is kaput, so I'm not sure when or if I'm going to be able to post some photos!