Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax time....

Here in the states April 15 is synonymous with paying our income taxes...  A dreaded day ;)

I completed the top to this dress....  (Still need to hem -- I hate hemming)

The positioning of the fingers reminds me of a campaign from years ago, I think it was Lanvin.  It was a woman in a yellow flowing dress we knicknamed her the "cookie monster" -- she looked like she was creeping up behind someone.

I found it here.

See what I mean about the hands/fingers.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I wish I had more time....

I guess everyone does.  I'm very busy with work and my mom and I can't seem to find much free time.  Last week, during the late evenings, I was able to start work on a really interesting gown...

I still have the pink petal one to work on (I couldn't find the pink thread that was needed-- so I didn't want to do nothing with what precious time I have to work on doll things) -- but I somehow picked this up and was also just sitting in a pile of "some attention please" -- I started working on it and got somewhat engrossed.  The body is mostly finished but all the finishing work needs to be done.

I guess I tend to skip around so perhaps one or both will be finished soon.

It is a very simple bodice (upside down here) cut on the bias from a fabric that resembles a charmeuse however, it has a very slight lycra quality to it.

The color is the palest of lavender with a slight hint of blue (although it looks grey in the photo).

I'm working out the "top" part.

The color shows up better in this photo.  I working out the folds to form the top, the weight is just perfect on this doll.  I will try to finish the top today then add some closures and hem the tail and viola it will be ready.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm just hoping this outfit doesn't become a RIP.

I've had this little number sitting on a mannequin next to my bed for several months.  I look at it each day.  Today I took it off and put it on.... (just realized I haven't named this doll) -- I usually do, so I'll have to think about that.

Anyway, back to this outfit.  Born out of the flower theme.  I wanted somewhat of a ballet look...  I haven't decided the top other than I want it to look very avant-garde -- perhaps mesh...

I'm also thinking shoes and a wig...

I realize I don't have a proper stand for her,  I picked up the crown while in Disney.