Friday, September 30, 2011

Barbie Clothes?

I had figured that Agnes would not be able to "fit" into any of the fashions that were "off the shelf"  -- occasionally I've tried to find fashions that fit Agnes.  Agnes' bust area is smaller than Barbie (possibly closer to Poppy Parker) -- However, her hips are larger than a traditional Barbie's so very fitted dresses, just don't work for her.

Well, haven't you tried on a store bought dress and it fits perfectly except for one area.  I've decided that I would alter some clothes and see.

This outfit came in a three pack.  Although the pants are snug, they did fit.  The top needed alteration.  I moved the velcro on the back to make it smaller and shortened the straps.  This isn't a very good photo as her stand has pushed the top up a bit.  It fits nicely. (You can't tell from the photo).  All she needs now is a pair of fuzzy slippers!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jason Wu sweater

So, the sweater that Jason Wu designed for the Fashion's night out doll came up and I snapped it up immediately.  I remember someone had posted the actual (human sized sweater), so it was fun to see the doll version.  The sweater arrived and I'll admit, I was worried.  I really didn't want to cram Agnes' delicate hands/fingers into the sweater.

I decided to alter it.  (something I don't like to do -- especially to someone else's design) -- I opened the seams on the arms and stitched a button onto each.  I made some loops to close over the buttons.  I had an extra button so I added that to the back neck of the sweater (because I didn't like the hook and loop closure).  I felt this was a necessary alteration and although it does change the spirit of the sweater, (it's for a doll for gosh sake!)

Here's Agnes in the Jason Wu sweater.  I think I should make black dress pants to go with the sweater.

It is a bit baggy on Agnes, but it's her first designer sweater.  You can see the buttons/loops I added.  You can also see how delicate Agnes' fingers are.

A look at the back (neck) shows where I put the last button.

I would either like to see this with black leggings or dress pants.

After looking at this post, I realize, you don't really see the detail on the sleeves of the sweater.  There is a black lace detail very much in keeping with Jason's design.  This is the first I'm seeing this photo.  The one I saw, was of Jason's assistant during fashion week (this year).  Here's a photo of the actual sweater from Jason Wu's fall 2011 collection (Hey, black dress pants.... just what I was thinking)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Antique whites

A term I'm all too familiar with.  I have an obsession for these super thin, pin tucked cotton marvels.

This was the tail of an old petticoat.  It had been ravished over time.  The interior flounce was still in good shape.  Here is a traditional slip (using draw string for the waist).  The lace at the hem is the original.

How I did it:  I just cut out a piece big enough to make a slip.  Then I ran a casing at the top by folding it over.  I stitched a seam up the back.  I ran cotton string through the casing and viola.  A slip.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Belts, belts, belts.

Went to a flea market.  Couldn't help myself.   These were $1.29 each.  Perfect for belts for Agnes.  I bought 8 (somehow only 7 made it into the bag!)  -- Lots of shady people in Florida ;) (nothing surprises me here.  It's like a third world country only its not.)

Still a good deal.  Really wanted the Barbie pink one that is missing though :(

I like the quality.

Here are the colors I got.  I checked my receipt.  I was charged for 8...  Here are the 7 that were in the bag.   Grrrrrh!

I've gotten red,  silver,  green,  brown, blue, white, and black with silver

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wig stand

Ok, now I'm just adding to an even longer list of unfinished projects.  I can't remember where I may have seen something to cause a spark to make this.  I'm pretty sure it's not a direct copy of any one thing, just a compilation in my mind of several things.

I brainstormed a few different things but this is what I came up with.

I need a wig stand.  Something that allows the wigs to stay fluffy (when I stuff them into a bag -- even a cloth one) they don't look "fresh" when they emerge.

So I thought about a couple different head ideas and decided to just use a wooden ball.   The ball on a dowel attached to a base.  Now, I wanted something a little more fashionable than just functional so I decided to paint faces on each of the balls.

I have somewhat of an obsession with all things Chanel.  (That was from my former life).  Yes, I've been to Rue Cambon.  I've seen Karl, standing outside smoking a cigarette.

Several years ago, Chanel did a store window with dolls.  (actually they have done at least 3 that I know of).  There were the mouse looking channel dolls/mannequins -- I think that was only in the Tokyo store.  There were some 50's styled dolls/mannequins in white classic Chanel suits with some sort of cloth/wire armature body.  And the one that I remember (but can't find any photos of) was one that had also a 50's feel to the doll.  Painted round heads with short curly Q black hair painted on.  They were wearing silver and black quilted outfits, some were hanging almost looking like they were flying (suspended by wires).  I suppose I can go from memory, but I would so like to have a photo.  The internet has failed me on this one.  I might do some research.  I did do some research.  The mouse looking ones were from 2005 or 2006 and were BearBricks.  The white suit one was a rag doll of Coco Chanel made by Karl Lagerfeld I think that was this year for the reopening of the SoHo store.  There was still no sign of the ones I wanted.

I did what every savvy doll person would do, I asked on one of the Doll Boards.  Thank goodness for Gary!  He remembered they had been pictures in a doll magazine.  I hunted down my pack (of old magazines) and there it was Haute Doll April 2009.   It was a collaboration with Fashion Doll Agency and Chanel.

Here's a close up of the doll/Mannequin

I got started.  I realize I'm lazy.  I decided I would do one to pay homage to the Chanel Doll/mannequin and I would just free hand the rest.  One will be to Milou.  I pencilled in the faces.  I will paint and seal them at some point.

I took a plank of wood (that I got for free in the scrap bin at home depot).  I then took a dowel 3/16" -- I only needed one as it was so long (also from Home Depot).  Then I bought wooden knobs (the did call them doll heads) in Michaels.  They were predrilled on one side.  Worth it for me.  9 knobs for $3.49.  I drilled 9 holes.  4 in the front and 5 in the back.  I staggered the holes.  Then I used longer dowels for the back row and shorter ones for the front row.

This is during the assembly process:

Here's close up of one of the faces

Here it is assembled with the wigs on.  I never would have guessed I had so many,  actually I was thinking I could use some as hat stands.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things I love (about Agnes)

I sat down the other day and I thought about all the things that I just love about Agnes!

1.  Her size.  At 12" she is just perfect.  She's a great 1/6 scale.
2.  The way her joints are lined.  Although leather lines her joints, it is not readily visible without very careful inspection.
3. The color and the quality of her porcelain.  For all the careful inspection I have made of her, I can't see any flaws of any kind.  The porcelain is so smooth with such even coloration and texture.
4.  Her expression.  Sometimes pensive, other times looking almost brooding.  I love her "matter of fact" expression reminding me of what I refer to as the "model death stare" -- occasionally at fashion shows they will snap a photo in which the model appears aloof almost disinterested almost looking through the camera.  Agnes' eyes occasionally looks vacant.
5.  Her super graceful hands.  Her little fingers, some separated are just beautiful.
6.  She's the only 12" porcelain ball jointed doll that I have seen that looks like a young lady (and not a child.

Of course there are things that I some times wish.  I some times wish that she could fit commercially available clothes.  I wish her feet would fit into fashion type shoes.  But of course this is what makes Agnes,  Agnes and I love her all the more!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!

Usually I love shopping.  But lately it has seemed like a chore to me.  Mostly because I need to shop for specific items and looking for stuff can be a drag.  But during the last couple days I have had a real blast!  It started with a trip to Home Depot.  Yes, Home Depot.  I don't think I've set foot in there in about a year.  I had some time to kill, so I started looking around for stuff.  In particular, for stuff for Agnes to start "saving" for a diorama for her.

I found the most amazing stuff.  They had these glass tiles.  Now, most times glass tiles are too thick to use for doll scale, these were not.  They are square tiles that are very thin.  (one is cracked -- that's how thin).  I want to use them for a "copper" themed kitchen.  I think it will take quite a while to get to the point that I feel I have enough time.

Here are the tiles.  The copper glass ones are for the kitchen floor and the mosaic tan and brown is for the bathroom wall.
As they are still in the packaging, the light reflection of the copper infused in the glass is not readily apparent.  These are beautiful tiles.  Worth taking a look.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I'm thinking about...

About 3 years ago, I collected items to make a cinderella coach.  (yeah, it was a dream of mine for quite a while).  Now that Halloween is on the horizon, I saw a super large pumpkin yesterday and thought about the one in my closet.  As I don't have a dead line, I'm going to take my time and make this the best carriage I can.  Thought I'd share some photos and some plans!

This was purchased a while back:  (yes it's white -- that's how they sold it.  Easier to paint I figured and I got a good deal on it).   If you plan on making one measure your doll sitting down and don't get anything too large (there are some enormous ones out there).

Then I cut out the door!

Here's my draft scratched out on a sheet of paper:

I think I have all the items necessary to complete this project.  The problem is: what have I done with them?  I recall purchasing the wheels and the white and silver brocade fabric.

This is going to be a long project.  Don't expect to see the finished product for many months.  I'll try to throw in some updates.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nightie Night -- this week's Ad Hoc

I wanted to make a "quick" nightie for Agnes,  I wanted a classic nightie -- sort off.  I also wanted it to be something fun and young.

This is more in the classic peignoir vein.  This is in case she has company.

The photos don't really capture the sheerness of this garment.  It is light as a breeze.  Lovely really.

This is if she's alone (and it's hot).  If she leaves Florida.... need to work on some flannel pajamas!

I made this from a hankie.  It was already embroidered.  There's elastic sewn onto the waist of the skirt.  I just worked it up as I went.

I've decided to add a snap to close the overcoat.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bag it!

As I've mentioned before, I'm writing a back story for Agnes.  I found this piece of leather in my stash a couple days back and I remembered a little about her back story and how this might just fit in.  I made a bag.  It is a book bag from her native Ukraine.

Here's Agnes to show it off:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Agnes' espadrilles (shoes)

I made Agnes some espadrilles.

And from the side:

Here's Agnes.

I'm particularly proud, as I thought these might end up a write off.  I started off with the shoes I got from Volks.  (the Dollfie people).  They couldn't fit Agnes at all.

How I did it:

I did the simple thing.  Put them in boiling water (figuring they would stretch, melt, something).  All I was able to accomplish was removing the uppers from the sole.  Some progress.  The problem was the width of the sole.  It was just too narrow.

This is what I started off with.  Just the sole portion.

I decided to improvise.  If the soles needed width, why not wrap some string around them, so they would look like espadrilles and that way I would gain my width.

So, I marked out some denim fabric (just improvised with the shape).  The fabric is actually that patch material I've been using (love it as it doesn't fray).  I then glued the upper to the platform sole.  I was able to glue them to the side rather than the inner sole since I was covering the side of the heel with rope anyway.  I put glue on the sides of the platform.  I then started at the bottom and wound the string (cotton twine) around and around.  When I got to the rise in the heel, I then cut the string each time I went around.

Pretty quick.  Just took a little figuring on my part.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where I am on the crystal crown!

Though, not finished, I am proud of my progress.  I found out it is quite expensive to fill the crown with crystals.  I waited for a bead sale, and I'm happy with my progress thus far.

I started with seed beading a major portion of the front/center.  I ended up hating it.  So, I removed all the beads.  Unfortunately, they were stitched on one by one and it took forever (first to put them on and then to take them off!).

I did ended up somewhat following my original rough draft.  Each of the beads are glass/crystal. I'm going to decide a pattern and fill in the remainder with tiny seed beads.  The beads are very heavy.  I will be backing this so I'm not terribly worried about this.

There's no flash in the above pictures,  the sun light off the beads (this was taken indoors).  I guess that is part of their sparkle ability.

I then took a picture in a shaded part of the same sunny room.  I think the detail is a little better.

The round beads on the bottom are actually somewhat flat, so they don't protrude (giving too high of a profile.  I wanted to use blues and greens as to not copy the ED design.  But in the end, pink prevailed. I'm a big fan of "pink crown".   I needed to work hard to not copy the design but to just allow it to inspire me.  It is much easier to do a one for one copy than to come up with one's own ideas.  If you note, the crown isn't straight across, that will make a difference once it is assembled.  I did a few paper prototypes originally (when I started this years ago).  I did also trim the center.  After looking at Agnes in the "Sneak peek" posting I made a while back, the crown gave me a Glinda the good witch feeling when looking at the lines around her head.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun with Agnes!

So, Agnes needed some beach towels.  Simple fix.  Wash cloths.  If I could find some that looked beach towel like, I'd cut them down and sew the edges.

Here are two looks:

If Agnes is traveling to Palm Beach or Jupiter perhaps, something subdued would be appropriate.

If Agnes is going to head to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami or perhaps the Keys, she'll need something fun!

I realize these are pictures taken with Agnes before I shrunk down her wig.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skin wigs -- as promised

So, after getting over the sqeamishness of the last round.  I did go on to some other wigs.

Initially, I thought: it screams "mad hatter" -- perhaps its the color.  At first, I didn't like the color on Agnes, but now it has grown on me.  Maybe like Aphrodite.

So, I thought, I would never shrink another wig.  But, never say never.  The first one shrunk so quickly, I wasn't expecting that.  For this one, I prepared the kitchen counter, used cooler water, and perhaps it was the type of skin.  It did shrink, but it was nothing like the first one.

Because of the counter color, the wig is not very visible.  It is at the bottom, in the center of the photo.  It's a carrot red color.  There's Agnes, looking beautiful (even bagged).  The bowl is for dipping the wig.

Here's Agnes in the wig, shrunk, but still unstyled:

Here she is from the back.  Yes, she's behind all that hair.  Looks like just a wig, no doll. (trust me, she's under it!)

The Flash washed out this photo, but you can see how snug the wig is on her head after the shrinking:

Then there was the white wig:

It was doomed from the start:

Yikes!  Cruella DeVille meets a bad fashion show!

Agnes tried to look dignified, but couldn't.  You can see the gapping on the side before the shrinking.

(somehow I thought I was going to love this wig and the color.  (I don't) -- I'm thinking koolaid!  I've read that white mohair wigs can be dyed using koolaid and hot water.  (the kind without the sugar in it).  I think a pastel pink or a pastel blue would be nice.  Perhaps I'll dip the ends.  Lot's of young people are doing that now.  Dying just the ends.

This wig was a disaster from the get go.

Then there was the dying.  I've wanted to try this so...

 The cap seemed to take more of the dye than the hair did.  The cap is such an awesome blue.  I realized I will have to line it with white muslin to prevent any staining.

Agnes looks downright frightened and I don't blame her.  I find this wig hideous.

From the side, it's actually worse!  Looks like it swallowed her

Here's the interior:

This wig just will not grow on me!

looking at the progression of photos, the "blue" wig has calmed down a lot since it's inception, but I still think it looks too wild!  I'll keep working with it.  (at least it is snug -- no gaps-- to Agnes' head)

I guess it's ok.  I'm going to relegate it to the fantasy series (not to be seen often)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shorts! This Week's Ad Hoc

So, this is a "quick and dirty" little number.  I wanted to make denim cut offs for Agnes.  I used (yes, you guessed it -- Ragdoll's DOA tutorial) and here's another lovely result.  Agnes has (how could we say -- a lot of Ballast).  Junk in the trunk.... you get my meaning (a lovely voluptuous rump).

I made these from the legs of my daughter's cut offs!

What's that I see?  Is that a new wig.  Tomorrow! (I'll show it and how I made it).

I always wondered why people "abandon" their blogs.  Especially those that write the content and take their own pictures.  I'm beginning to see why.  I haven't run out of things to say (not by a long shot), but I do find that blogging takes up a lot of my time.  Time I'd like to be doing (rather than talking about what I'm doing or have done).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shirt Dress!

Although this isn't a shirt dress in the true sense of the term.  It is dress and it was made from a man's shirt, so I call it Agnes' shirt dress.

Just a "low fashion" comfy dress (we all need those in our closets).

Despite belting it, the gathers are a little too poofy and I'm not loving the lines of this dress.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beaded slides -- take 2

Here are some beaded slides I've been working on.  Photos don't do justice to these beads.  They remind me of vaseline glass.

Here are the leather bottoms:

(The light blue are the fabric marker markings -- which will fade over time)

Here are the "bags" to store them in.

I hope I can find some more of these tiny shoe appliques.  I really like these for shoe bags.

While I was in the slide mood, I knocked out a quick pair in black leather.

Leather uppers, cloth inner soles, leather outer soles.