Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where I am on the Zuhair dress

Ok, so I'm not really one to quit (at least I don't like to).  This dress has not been anything that I imagined.  But I'm going to see it through as it did inspire me and I get an appreciation of what a designer must go through.  I suppose designers abandon designs.  But as I'm not the designer, I'm just borrowing other people's designs and making them mini :).  I was reading Terri Gold's blog (really like that one) and she showed Wunderkind being copied for a doll.  I think it is ok to copy a fashion (to be used on a doll) but at minimum, the original source/designer should be credited.  I think many designers might be flattered.  I'm not so crazy about people "copying" other's doll designs.  (It's ok to be inspired, just not a total one for one copy).

As you can probably tell, I kind of wanted to quit...

But I won't.  So figured this out mathematically.  There are 6 tiers to the dress, each tier is 11.5" wide.  So, (( 2x 11.5)+.5)*6= 23.5*6= 141 inches = almost 12 feet of fabric for the flounces!  yikes.  I think they are really maybe too big....

I'm going to forge on ......

Can I just move on to the next dress? please....Nope, I want to at least finish the skirt, then maybe I'll see from there.  Yuck.

Got other projects coming up.  Been working on shoes, clothes and wigs!


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