Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jason Wu sweater

So, the sweater that Jason Wu designed for the Fashion's night out doll came up and I snapped it up immediately.  I remember someone had posted the actual (human sized sweater), so it was fun to see the doll version.  The sweater arrived and I'll admit, I was worried.  I really didn't want to cram Agnes' delicate hands/fingers into the sweater.

I decided to alter it.  (something I don't like to do -- especially to someone else's design) -- I opened the seams on the arms and stitched a button onto each.  I made some loops to close over the buttons.  I had an extra button so I added that to the back neck of the sweater (because I didn't like the hook and loop closure).  I felt this was a necessary alteration and although it does change the spirit of the sweater, (it's for a doll for gosh sake!)

Here's Agnes in the Jason Wu sweater.  I think I should make black dress pants to go with the sweater.

It is a bit baggy on Agnes, but it's her first designer sweater.  You can see the buttons/loops I added.  You can also see how delicate Agnes' fingers are.

A look at the back (neck) shows where I put the last button.

I would either like to see this with black leggings or dress pants.

After looking at this post, I realize, you don't really see the detail on the sleeves of the sweater.  There is a black lace detail very much in keeping with Jason's design.  This is the first I'm seeing this photo.  The one I saw, was of Jason's assistant during fashion week (this year).  Here's a photo of the actual sweater from Jason Wu's fall 2011 collection (Hey, black dress pants.... just what I was thinking)


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