Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spent a few hours at the Museum

Last week, I went to the museum.  Our "local" Museum had a display of costumes from the Paul Allen collection (co-founder of Microsoft).  There was Batman and Darthvader, Luke Skywalker, the Riddler and many more.  I felt so inspired to see these.  I remember seeing a most amazing display at the Met in NY.  It was entitled something like fashion through the years.  Amazing.  There's also a small museum, I think it may be at FIT in NY.  seeing the fabrics/ designs.  Wow, I want another life as a costume designer. :)

Which reminded me of a project I'm working on now.  It's a beaded silk gown in purple dupoini.  I went last Friday to a local bead store (nothing like the ones in New York, but they have a good selection) -- I settled on three types of beads for the gown.  I'm going to bead the skirt portion of it, then add the top.  I think I should finish the gown, then bead.... but I want to obscure the beading stitching and I've already started with the lining of the gown.... hmmmm.

here's a quick snap of the interior of the gown.  It is the shiny acetate lining.

Here is the exterior (marked up).  I measured, divided and then marked x's.  I then made a small template out of cardboard and "drew" the scallops between each of the x's.  I'm happy with the result.

I'm going the "fill in" the bottom and have a line of beads above the point of each scallop.  I'll show it as I'm working.

I'm going to call this gown part of my "Museum collection".  It'll probably take a long time....  Agnes is worth it!  She is my muse :)

What I've learned:  It takes a whole heck a lot of beads to fill in what looks like a small space.  Random patterns are actually harder than a set pattern.  Tiny little beads (size 15) can drive you nuts.  It's a drag stitching with nylon thread.


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