Wednesday, April 30, 2014

With dolls, I guess I'm a late adapter....

Call the fire brigade!

I always am the last one to the table... Why is that??  It takes me so long to find and like a doll, that by the time I do...Well... I'm like the fireman --- I'm running in when everyone else is heading for the door.

It happened to me with modern dolls (Madame Alexander), then there were the Tylers, the Kishes, the list goes on and on.  I never got "into" the Sybarites (thankfully) -- I remember requesting to join one of their groups and being asked "do you even know what the Sybarites are?" -- I knew enough to know I probably didn't want to get involved with that group.  Fashion snobs??  Never underestimate anyone...  If they only knew....

I digress.

I feel every time I finally want to "start up" with some doll -- everyone else has been there and done that.  I know it isn't my imagination but I'll slog on.  -- I saw this adorable doll -- that I had seen years ago -- when I first saw bdjs (It was an article in a doll magazine -- oh about 2008) -- I was looking at her today and thought -- you know I'm going to get one of those cuties -- well they stopped making them!  Ugghhhh.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Our first trip to the beach.

It was a windy day.  I was worried about her falling!  

Monday, April 28, 2014


I've been experimenting...
With linings and with serging.

 Many fittings/failures later

 Too long, needs a better fitting top

Dress Parade to follow.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Found the cutest thing

A hello kitty case (it comes with craft stuff to make) -- I'm going to use it either to carry my doll or to put all her stuff in!

The blue case is her travel case (the one she will travel in when we go places) -- I got it years ago in Germany in a good old fashioned toy store.  I never used it.  It is like a woven raffia on the exterior and has faded considerably over the years.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Here's her dress....

It still needs work.

she's just the cutest thing

Friday, April 25, 2014

WIP Candy Smoothie dress

She's on Etsy.  Makes the cutest little printed dresses (reminds me of a rag doll I made in grade school) -- it's all ready all you do is cut and sew.

I'm still working on it.

I decided to line it rather than just hem around the neck and arm holes.

I just need to add the snaps maybe buttons on the back and lace on the hem and I'll be ready to show

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling crafty -- Flip flops

I was caring for my mom a couple days ago, and we (I) decided to make something.

I had some left over craft foam (long story) --

Anyway, I thought how cute would it be to make some flip flops for Lilly (my Secretdoll person 21) --

Her toes are just right for it.  So...  I took some embroidery floss and braided it and made a flip flop

It was just a trial... I have the mate still to make -- This calls for a trip to the beach for photos.

I think I'm being inspired by PP Forum.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Note to self

Stay off Flickr.

I was just looking at my feed... when I happened across this doll....

So darn cute.  Uku and lele --  Uku is the big headed one.

No I don't need one... yet...

I saw yet another project that I love... It's a custom made doll....  Very unusual ... Must contact artist...

I was looking at some books a couple days ago.  Teri had commented that my new doll reminded her of Yoshitomo Nara's art.  I have to say it does.  I saw some books for Mark Ryden -- he also captured some of the expression of this "big head doll".

I'm being drawn like a moth to a flame with these big head dolls.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Received a fabric order in the mail

Glad I ordered swatches first....

Could not judge the size (even though there was a ruler)

These are all wizard of oz themed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dug out a bunch of old dolls

Dolls were stored in my guest room closet --

My heart sunk when I found some with the original receipts...

A first round inventory shows

1 JamieShow - basic original -- barely taken out of box
1 Narae bjd by Narin -- also mostly stored in her box
1 Bobobie Lan -- mostly in box
1 Enchantment doll Captiva Briar  LE-40 from IDEX
1 Goodreau bjd
3 Kitty Colliers
5 Tylers

I have a few Alex's and some Genes --

I'll stick them up on Evilbay probably on the weekend....  Uggghhh!

I thought I would sew dresses or do something with them and I just never did.

I photographed the Alex's (I have even more) and got too tired to take photos of the Genes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

So... I've got doll fever

It doesn't come over me often (thankfully), however I feel it coming on-- I keep jumping around.  I have dolls on order that have yet to arrive.  I've definitely bonded with my latest little lovely Secretdoll person.  (And I was contemplating getting another.)  But, like a wave on the ocean, I've already set my sights on my next doll.  Scary really, as I haven't even received the last ones I've ordered and I'm on to my next -- Luckily, that won't be happening too soon.  As it will take some time for me to save up.

In the meantime,  I've promised to adopt out my piles of dolls. -- can't decide if I should evil bay or use some other method.    Sad really -- so many dolls that I just don't have an interest in -- they call it not bonding with doll -- I saw a blog that put it well -- just buyer's remorse.  (I see many other "adoptions" out there so I know I'm not alone).

The problem is they are all vinyl or resin and I probably can't get anywhere near what I paid for them.  I just need to move on so I'll just get what I can and call it a day.  My loss-- someone else will be happy.

BTW, Happy Easter!

Lilly not wanting to be "seen" in her Easter dress....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party hat progress (WIP)

Made a prototype for the hat...

Years ago, I made a bleuette hat with pom poms very similar.

The hat design -- will be a 2 piece with strap -- similar to the ones kids have but sturdier.  I remember making one for a friend's daughter's first birthday.  I used a boa for the trim.  Cute.

This one I envision with cellophane trim...  I was thinking one with ruffles/antique lace might be cute

These babies take a Looonnng time.  There is actually a lot of hand work.   I joined a birthday swap and I want to be able to make these for everyone in the group -- it'll be a challenge for me.

After several iterations, I've decided for the small hats --

My final iteration:

Friday, April 18, 2014

silk doll bonnet -- repurposed

This bonnet will either become part of a dress or perhaps another doll bonnet.

It is antique silk the edge look unfinished but it's the technique that was used.  There's hand embroidery in a feather stitch and a blanket stitch on the edges.  It'll make a beautiful peace.  I'm not sure if I'll reline it as the muslin is in tatters or if I'll leave it as part of the charm of such an old piece.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Here's a peak into my stash.
I have a "collection" of buttons --- Doll buttons (when I used to make dresses for my antique dolls).  I went through them yesterday -- It is just crazy all the ones I have-- they fit in a relatively small round "case"-- but buttons are small and doll buttons are even smaller.

If I don't have the "right" button -- perhaps I never will.  ;)

The container is about 6 1/2" tall and about 7" in diameter.


I've got the typical doll button (in most colors)

I've got cameos, painted, crystal...

 I've got the cutest bunny buttons.

 Antique shell, glass, and painted...

Hearts, stars, squares

I think I've cornered the market on doll buttons!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Well, as far as trim that is sewn to a garment -- I think I may have too much of that ...

I've got antique trim (laces, needlework, fabric embellishments), I've got your run of the mill rick rack, and just about everything in between....

I quilt, I make dolly stuff.

Too much to even post here...

That's a small sample of some of the antique trims I have.  I have LOTS more laces, "whites", and stuff.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First arrival!

I think these dolls are the cutest thing ever.  Although a vast departure from what I am usually attracted to... I LOVE this doll.  Reminds me of my youngest when she was little!


My daughter was Dorothy (for halloween) -- years ago-- I found some gingham in my sewing/crafting room (aka storage area).  ;)

Would like to make another Dorothy dress in miniature.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Painted ladies....


I wanted to try painting some stockings.  Pretty cool....

I got some washable/flexible paint and some toddler tights....

I received a shipping notice today from Korea...  Dolls are getting closer.

I've been dying fabrics trying out new techniques...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wool roving....

This arrived in the mail a few days back....

A giant pile of wool, can't wait to try felting that also....

It reminds me of a santa's beard ;)

This is natural light sort of off white.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

felting a wool sweater

I got a 100% wool sweater and tried my hand at felting it today.  First, I soaked it then I dried it.....

This is how it started off:

After the process, the sweater was about 1/3 smaller....

It looks darker because this is morning (so no flash) -- It is definitely smaller and tighter woven

Friday, April 11, 2014

burn tested...


I bought this lovely little fabric quite some time ago.  When I bought it, it was listed as 100% cotton.  It doesn't look like a polished cotton -- in fact I thought it looked a little "polyestery"  I was determined to see it something "else" was in the fabric -- Although this test can't tell if Silk (or another natural fabric) is in there -- there are no "polyies in my Esters" -- It burnt cleanly.  

I bought some silk years back off of Ebay -- it wasn't silk -- polyester -- the burn test left a pile of plasticy goo that smelled awful (the chemical residue)...  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy (birthday) Hat

That song keeps playing inside my head (Happy).... I've decided to "celebrate" each one of my new dolls by having their delivery date be their birthday -- I figure the day the arrived into my world.

I bought some supplies and will make a birthday hat for each one.  I've been thinking about this for a while. (making party hats)...  I've been looking for the perfect material -- they no longer carry it at the craft stores, I'm hoping I will happen across it in my travels.  (It is like a laminated card stock that has an iridescent layer to it) -- luckily I have some cellophane that is iridescent left over from a project one of my daughters did (years back).

I've got glitter cardstock.  A polkadot card stock and my cellophane

I've made the band that goes around...

It's a "fluffy" band of the iridescent cellophane.  (Looks much better IRL)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pink.... Pink.... Pink

My dying has continued....

This is the color so far (before a final wash).

I'm looking for something a bit lighter so hopefully after washing I'll get the desired color.


As an added precaution, I put it in a VERY hot vinegar bath (to make sure there's no bleed).

The white pan/water was clear after removal...  Good sign.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If you don't have any failures, your successes wouldn't be celebrated as much

I was very disappointed.

After going to bed with my cotton fabric looking like it was going to be perfect; I woke up washed it out and disaster -- the dye did NOT take...Ugggghh.  Well better than it bled on a doll so I chalked it up to learning.

I used a different dye and started over.  Starting slow.

 well... maybe after rinsing it will be ok

Monday, April 7, 2014

The first thing I'm going to make from recycled fabric

My daughter had a favorite top that will become a dress....

I'm terrible at photos (I'll have to get better) -- It's just a simple black cotton top with machine embroidery in varying sizes.  I think it will make a lovely dress....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Late post, but I found some time

I decided to experiment with some fabric.  I'm thinking pastels (think Easter bunny) -- Ombre --

(Remember to wear gloves next time) ;)

white cotton fabric

Mixed dye reminded me of robin's egg blue

Dip, dip, dip

This is the look I was going for... So far, so good... I'm thinking distressed (not sure what I'm thinking)

Now to translate this into a dress......

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anxiously awaiting my new doll(s)

New doll(s) are a surprise.  A departure from the dolls I normally would purchase.

I was on Den of Angels -- at the time I was thinking about an Enyo (Looking for a small, less expensive doll that I could carry with me when I travel) -- I contacted Enyo's maker, but she is not really doing that mold any more.  I guess I missed the doll boat -- I'm always a day late..  Here's her website:  -- this was my "gateway drug" -- Enyo started it.

I was so disheartened to not be able to get Enyo -- I went on a doll binge -- One thing (doll) -- lead to another (doll) -- now I'm expecting several.   First another bjd appealed to me due to size, so I ordered that one.  Then, when I started seeing all the clothes and "stuff" for another doll -- she grew on me...  so I ordered that one (also).  Then another... Can't wait to have doll --in hand -- it seems only the clothes and accessories keep arriving (ordered from separate makers). -- Anxiously awaiting a doll (any doll at this point) -- please get here soon...... Saw yet another doll (on Flickr) I ordered a body once I see it -- I'll decide if I'll order a head (heads are $100 without wig or faceup)..... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

As soon as any dolls arrive -- I'll post here ;).

On another note -- Popovy Sisters have new dolls they are releasing -- this is killing me -- after spending all this "dolly money" -- NEW dolls.  Glass eyed beauties -- although I think I'm a painted eye kind of gal for the small dolls.  I can't wait to see these new dolls... there is a teaser on their blog.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Recycling and making something even better (even if it is only in my opinion) ;)

My Mom is with me (for the day) -- So I'm going to see how she feels about going through some of the things (I have to recycle) -- and maybe help me with cutting -- or at least sorting --

I probably have a garbage bag's worth.  I'm not sure where to begin.  Maybe I'll start with simple light vs dark fabric....  Then I can do cottons vs fancy fabrics.

My favorite item is one of my girl's smocked silk dresses that was ruined with a stain -- maybe I can dye it....