Wednesday, April 30, 2014

With dolls, I guess I'm a late adapter....

Call the fire brigade!

I always am the last one to the table... Why is that??  It takes me so long to find and like a doll, that by the time I do...Well... I'm like the fireman --- I'm running in when everyone else is heading for the door.

It happened to me with modern dolls (Madame Alexander), then there were the Tylers, the Kishes, the list goes on and on.  I never got "into" the Sybarites (thankfully) -- I remember requesting to join one of their groups and being asked "do you even know what the Sybarites are?" -- I knew enough to know I probably didn't want to get involved with that group.  Fashion snobs??  Never underestimate anyone...  If they only knew....

I digress.

I feel every time I finally want to "start up" with some doll -- everyone else has been there and done that.  I know it isn't my imagination but I'll slog on.  -- I saw this adorable doll -- that I had seen years ago -- when I first saw bdjs (It was an article in a doll magazine -- oh about 2008) -- I was looking at her today and thought -- you know I'm going to get one of those cuties -- well they stopped making them!  Ugghhhh.


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