Friday, February 22, 2013

Uh, oh.... Wish I had done more measuring

When I did the dry fit, I had the clothes pins (clamps) in the way.  This made for some bad measuring....  It seems that the 1/2" or so -- on each side -- makes for about a one inch gap... darn it.  I could disassemble the bed and reassemble the rails, but that glue is very strong so I would have to break off the pieces and sand it down.  Really not practical.    I'm looking at the photo and it doesn't look terrible, but I think I need to remake the mattress and box spring.

I did the measurements for a queen sized bed and scaled it using the height of the doll as being the average.... So this will be wider.  close to king but not exactly.  Well, I do know that there is no standard sized doll bed out there (It's not like I'll need to buy sheets)...  So maybe I will make another bed since I have an extra mattress and box spring...  Maybe I can make another for a swap or something.


  1. Don't you hate when that happens! The bed looks great, by the way.

    1. Thanks! It's actually better than I imagined. (Next time I'll measure twice, and make only once :)