Sunday, February 3, 2013

Started by laying out the wood....

Realized something early on.  I have too much of some pieces and not enough of others.  I was in the store and just picked out what I liked; not giving too much thought to what was needed (definitely need an engineering mind to complete this task) -- don't have one though.

I had all these pieces; so I laid them out.

I know I need a headboard and a footboard (with trim pieces) side rails and slats for holding the mattress and 4 "legs".  

I don't think I should glue before painting??  As the paint won't adhere where I've glued... or is it the other way around, the glue needs to be on raw wood then painted...  Need to look that up.

Found a place where I can get some wood carvings to add to the headboard; but it's Sunday, so they are closed till tomorrow.  Uggh.  I have to work tomorrow and it will be closed before I leave work... drat!

I'll proceed by cutting and measuring what I can today.  Buying the trim I need today; and getting the carvings as soon as I can....


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