Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday!! Evil Bay?? I think not.

I know that a lot of people refer to "that" site as Evil Bay.  I've bought and sold stuff on there from back in the old days.  My ID was so old that when I moved (because I also changed internet providers) -- they would not let me use my old ID -- because I had lost the password -- I was somewhat addicted to Ebay -- I'll admit it.  So when I moved to Florida.  I put it (and my password) out of my mind.  I was pretty upset when I contacted Ebay and they wouldn't allow me access although I thought my credit card hadn't changed -- but in their defense, that was really the Paypal portion of it.  I had about 200 transactions on my old ID all with positives, I was upset to start over.  But I did.

Where else can you make such a perfect market.  I've bought from and sold things to people all over the world literally.  I recently bought something from a guy in Florida who was selling the same item (cheaper) than a guy in Hong Kong.  How? When the item is from Hong Kong I'm not sure.

I buy mostly little items.  But I have bought large things.  I've even sold my car (to a guy who turned out to be local) for thousands more than the dealer or CarMax wanted to give me.  So, thank you Ebay!

So,  here's a sampling of the stuff I've gotten for Agnes for the Baysters!

Agnes "needed" a laptop.  I had seen some on the other boards and on DOA.  I was coveting them (I admit it).

Decisions, decisions.  Should I get an Ipad (so cool) or a Vaio laptop.  Both of course.  That's the thing about Ebay.  This may be my last chance to get item X.  Must have it!  Even my daughter thought it was cool.

It has the Apple logo on the back.  It says Ipad (I'm not sure if the real one does).

Then, the screen is just as impressive.

The Sony Vaio was super cheap.  I think it was like $3+ and came with a messenger bag case!  Couldn't beat that!

Rock on Ebay, I love you!


  1. Great deals! I had the same problems with ebay but now they are all resolved and I find lots of good stuff there!

  2. As with everything, things can go wrong (and I don't want to make light of people with problems they have with Ebay itself or buyers/sellers). I'm just saying overall, Ebay make a "perfect market". Let's find those deals!