Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok, I'm obsessed! Doll things excite me.

I saw the coolest thing on one of the doll boards.  It was a black umbrella (fully functional).  I messaged to the poster of the photo and inquired where she had gotten it.  Ebay.  I looked but couldn't find one.  Trust me, I've found a lot of things there, but no umbrella.  Then the other night, I was just surfing out of boredom, I finally found the umbrella.  (it took me about 2 weeks).  Once it gets here, I'll snap a quick pic.  It is for a scaled figure (as was hers).  Can't wait. (if you want one, there are more.  search 1/6 umbrella)!

In the meantime, here is Agnes' guitar:

And her Tennis racket:

I just love scaled items.
Beware, I have more "technology" on the way.  If you have a laptop and an ipad, what more do you need???  You'll see as soon as it gets here.


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