Friday, October 28, 2011

It's my birthday! I want a dolly!

So, my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday (and no I didn't blurt out: another porcelain bjd!) -- Even if that is what I was thinking.  I want a friend for Agnes.  They can wear matching outfits, etc.

I was thinking about this description.  I know people like to call these dolls porcelain, but in reality they are bisque.  (fired to a mat finish and not glasslike as porcelain would be).  I know in the antique world people who refer to those dolls as porcelain (are thought to know little about them and are usually quickly corrected).  So, who's going to be the first to refer to their doll as bisque bjds?

Out of curiosity, I googled bisque bjds.  I saw where Soom (the doll company) is now making Bisque bjds.  Once a resin only company.  I wonder how they will catch on.  They have a neo-angel section with a new Bisque doll.  She's selling for $700.  Sold out.  But they do explain the process.

I think it is interesting that Soom lists the strengths of bisque.  Basically the same are the short falls of resin.  Resin -- perhaps a fancy name for plastic.   I still equate the change to that of the antique bisque doll that lasted a hundred plus years with the composition doll that replaced it and can rarely be found in tact today.  I'm not meaning to upset anyone here.  I have several resin dolls.  I've got bobobie Lan, Narae, a goodreau, and even a JamieShow doll -- all resin.  Narae is my prized resin doll, but it was such a nightmare to order her that she was my last.  I've heard many worse horror stories about ordering Narae so I'll consider myself lucky.

So, will doll collectors abandon resin for bisque?  I doubt that.  But most bjd collectors are not looking out 100 years (and really should they?).

It really must be my birthday.  I can't believe all the porcelain bjds there are out there! Now with Soom in the game, I'm wondering if this will start a trend with other bjd companies.  I remember seeing a prototype for a bisque bjd some years back from a resin bjd company.   It was a major company, perhaps it was Soom.   I don't know if that doll was ever made.  It was a costumed doll.

I was surprised to read about the company Volks.  I did not know the dollfie was born after the founder's wife saw a bisque bjd in 1998!!  I had no idea bisque bjds had been around for that long.

So, I'm actively looking for a friend for Agnes.  My trouble being I really want to stick with the 1/6 scale.  Most bisque bjds are 1/5 scale or something else.  Over 12 inches tall!  I did find a 10.5" doll, but it is no longer being made :(  Terri, if you read this, got any new scupts??  ;)

I want a dolly.  Not just any dolly.  I want a special dolly.  (Agnes is already a special doll.)

Here she is in MioMio's outfit and the black beaded slippers.

Post script:  I saw another really cool thing the other day and that is 3D fabrication.  That is going to change the doll world (IMHO).

If you know of a 12" doll that is porcelain, ehh, bisque and is jointed, and is strung using springs, and has a removable wig, (see where this is going?)... then Agnes may find a friend.  (Is that like phone a friend?)  May all your days be happy -- especially if today is your birthday.


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