Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally, a new fashion!

Finally.  I have completed the dress I wanted to make for Agnes.  I think I'm rusty.  I was never a seamstress, but this seemed to be harder than I imagined.  The difficult part was.... well there were several things.  (You can read about it, if you care to in the postscript)

Here's Agnes in a dress that was based on Eyemeric Francois's dress.  Love this designer.

Yes, it was windy and my photographic ability is very limited.


Luckily, this looks better in person.

Here is the original:

How I did it:
I had the benefit of seeing the back of the dress.  There was a lot of detail to that.  Large hook and eye closures closed the back of the corset (I decided to use leather for the corset as there was give) -- I needed give to be able to do the hook and eye closure -- as dolly skin doesn't give.  The fabric (although beautiful -- again not done justice with my pictures) -- didn't drape as I would have liked it to.  But that was a trade off.  I wanted a heavy satin so it wouldn't look cheesy.  This gave me a bit too much bulk.  The leather belt was a nightmare.  I cut it out (several times) -- when I tried to run a top stitch on it, the machine ate the leather as it was so supple and pliable.  Gorgeous leather really -- super soft.  I ended up having to mark it out.  Stitch it on the larger leather, then cut it out.  Worked nicely.  The pleated belting had a laced up back using what looked like rings to hold the ribbon that laced it.  I felt to keep true to the design I had to keep these elements.  The skirt had a few pleats at the top to get the volume.

Back of the original dress:

Ok, how bad is it that I've sought out some gowns for purchase and I'm trying a couple -- if they fit, I'm going to be mostly buying... I can supplement with dresses I know I can't find ready made.  But there's a lot out there.  Perhaps I can find someone who will make custom ones for me.  For now, I'm on to my next prototype.  A copy of a world famous designer... any guesses?


  1. Wonderful! I love runway recreations. Haven't attempted any yet, but I sure do enjoy them. I can't wait to see the next one.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you both liked it. ;)