Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coral crown

It has been a thought (perhaps a dream) of mine for some time.  Maybe years now to fabricate a coral crown.

I thought a crown and a throne made of coral and perhaps precious metal silver clay (sounds expensive). The good news is I have the coral.  Each trip to the beach includes my collection of coral.  I probably have enough for a throne,  crown (and then some).

Here's just a small sampling.  Trust me when I say, I've collected a LOT of coral over the years.

 The pieces are between 1/2 inch at the smallest to about 4 inches for the largest ones.

 This is actually the side view of a bowl with shells and coral

 Another glass plate of drift wood, shells and coral

 Dark green (round) plate of coral

Green (square) plate of rocks, coral and shells (general variety of beach finds).

 Below is just a close up of the green (round) plate of coral.

So, my idea is a silver wreath/halo like crown with outcroppings of coral.

The throne would be a coral seat, coral legs, armrests and back held together with silver precious metal clay.  I'm wondering if the coral would survive a kiln firing.  I would think it would, but I guess I'd have to ask a PMC skilled artisan.


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