Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reaching back, to the Back Burner!

Not literally,  for anyone that has been following for a while, you'll remember, I ambitiously started (probably too many) projects.

Here is the "awards" dress that I've worked on in the past.  I tried to make a push to finish this dress (figuring I had to be at least 1/3 of the way there) -- Boy, was I wrong.

This thing has been a nightmare ;)  If ever there were a project to abandon, this was probably it.  But I forge on.

It started with making a simple skirt.  Then I marked off using basting thread (black) rows for the layers to be laid.  I then templated and cut using rounded pinking shears 10+ rows of a thin (organza type material).  For the first 3 rows I had added the glitter, the problem was all the handling needed for the arranging and the sewing was causing havoc in my sewing room.  Looks like a princess party took place.  Glitter (super fine glitter) everywhere.  So I decided I would glitter post construction.

So, here's where I am.  Hope to finish within the week some time.  If all goes well.

I wish I had taken more photos (but I usually work at night and the flash on my crappy camera just washes out everything).

I need to finish adding the layers, apply the glitter, add the bodice (glitter that) and viola!

I seem to be one layer short......  Ugggh.  Back to the template......


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