Thursday, November 17, 2011

My one carriage post (for this week)

The throne has been coming along marvelously.  I'm very happy with the progress.  It actually looks like something.  Here are some steps.

I started off with the cup packaging.  I trimmed the sides and the back.  I added the velvet to the corners.

Then I fitted the cushion and the inner templates (white pieces)

Here's a side view:

I upholstered the sides, back and front panels.

I still need to pad (and possibly quilt) the inner panels.  Then I'll attach the outer panels.  And the final step will be to trim the throne with either silver, gray or possibly white trim.  I think I'm leaning to silver (although most metallics are difficult to work with).

I hate dragging this on, but the glue and the "design on the go" really is taking more time than I thought.

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