Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Royal Pain -- More Coach

Ok.  So now I've decided to add trim to the interior as well as the door and the opening.  Initially, I wanted to use thumb tacks and form a quilted pattern on the walls.  long story short, thumb tacks when being mixed with glue ended up rusting!  Yes, rust.  Nearly ruined the entire interior.

I'm over it.  However, added trim proved to be no small feat.  I'm dizzy from hanging my head upside down to see in while working the trim.  I only wish I had taken photos while in progress.  I was up to my elbows (literally) in glue.  It was everywhere.  Working through the small opening (with my big hands)  -- not a pretty sight.  Royal Pain.

Here's where I am:   Yippee!

Here's the inside of the door

Interior ceiling:

Panned out, here's a view of the "carriage" -- you can see the floor still needs doing.

If you poke your head just straight in, this is what you see:

I seem to have misplaced the foam I wanted to use to make the seating.  Next step:  Flooring.  Then I will make and upholster the seat portion.  (bought more foam today!)  I've decided I want velvet for the seat.  Not an easy thing to get...

Still to come:

Curtains (make and install)
Attach door
make and attach base
decorate exterior


  1. It's looking great. It will be certainly fit for a princess.

  2. It's looking so beautiful. How inspriring!