Monday, November 14, 2011

Characters --

Going through some of my sewing and trim things, I came across a strip of embossed "leather" with fur attached to it.   The memory of that strip came back to me.

So, years ago I entered a contest for developing a character for a doll.  I was in New York at the time traveling with my daughter and had access to the Garment district.  My Character was going to be barbarian princess.  Imagining a young girl being "given" to the mighty Genghis Khan.  I made a robe of "animal Skin", a breast plate of antlers, a crown of leather and fur, a staff of crooked wood with a crystal attached atop -- it was packed in a wooden "laquered" chest with an impression of a seal from the girl's village.  (I have to search for the photos).

All that is left of this memory, for now, is a strip of left over fur and leather.   I had mostly forgotten that project; although it took so long to complete.   I have temporarily put it around Agnes' head.  If I ever get through the pile of projects I want to do, I will attempt to recreate the whole thing.

No more contests for me...  I barely have time to finish the projects I want to do (for myself) :)