Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best and worst news...

Yesterday, I was on my way to a doctor's appointment when the bell rang -- Fedex guy (My husband was expecting a Fedex) -- I forgot all about MY Fedex -- he had 2.

I've been meaning to do a proper box opening and take photos -- I was so excited -- I can't wait to take photos --  I ran out of energy last night -- by the time I looked around it was almost 11:00 -- tired, I went to bed.

Unfortunately, I have to have further tests at the doctor -- so, I've postponed taking my photos.

I should have them soon -- please check back.....  OHHHHHHH...... I just love these dolls.  I have a funny little story.  When I was wiring the money for the doll, the guy at the bank kept giving me these looks -- almost saying what's all this money for -- anyway, I waited till the wire was to be sent and said in the memo Doll for "me" -- His eyes flew open wide -- I said "It's a very special doll."

Worth every penny.