Thursday, May 10, 2012

I interrupted my current project with another project...

I had been working on previously.  I'm closer to the end with this one (or so I think)

The yellow (I can refer to it as golden -- but it's yellow) beaded dress.  I am making a detachable train for walking (similar to a wedding dress) and the existing train will allow for sitting, dancing, etc. -- here's where I am....

It's hard to tell, but I've added hundreds of beads to this baby.  I'm going to take a close up when I'm completely finished.


  1. The project must be so "beautiful" when it's done. I was wondering to know (if you don't mind) why you chose "yellow" color to make a very luxurious costume. Not many people, even me,are not courage enough to choose yellow.Instead, we like to choose pink, black, white,or some pastels. It's a kind of something new I need to learn from you. Thank you:-)

  2. Variety is the spice of life. ;) On a serious note, generally designers (of people clothes) have 2 seasons. Spring and fall. The fall clothes are usually dark; black, grey, maybe a splash of color added in but mostly somber colors. The spring collection is when they "take chances" use patterns, colors, etc. Spring collection comes out in fall (sounds dumb but the buyers that attend the fashion shows in the fall are buying for the spring season) -- I figured I'd have this "collection" done by the fall. -- it will include the orange feather dress, the pink petal dress and I think a couple others (peacock, etc.). So, I'm no designer but that was my logic.