Monday, May 14, 2012

And finally, The Coral outfit...

The outfit, completely sewn by hand, has been more labour than love :)

It consists on a sheer skirt (purposefully I omitted an underskirt) -- The top is a short sleeved turtleneck with a hand applique of  coral of the skirt material.  The back has a funky fold to produce a key hole with faux buttons and closes with snaps.  The skirt has hand painted coral.  The cape can be worn either with the collar erect or supine.  The cape is fully lined.  The cape's tie is made of the same material as the blouse.  In addition, hand made stockings of the same material completes the outfit.

Now, for my not so stellar photos.

The flash made the lining appear more pink than it is.


  1. So pretty!! well done, she looks fabulous! She is gorgeous and the colour really suits her!

  2. I think of The Queen from Star Wars. That's so terrific and you must be really enjoy having many acitivities with her:-)