Saturday, October 8, 2011

Too much time surfing

The net that is.  I find I've been spending too much time looking at others.  (Other people's dolls, other people's doll stuff, etc.)  I need to get off the web and spend some time with Agnes developing her wardrobe -- then I want to do some dioramas.  I think I'm going to make one large diorama with walls/floors that I can change out for other scenes.  Seems complex (to me) -- but I'll figure it out.  I don't have the room to build an entire house (I have my doll house from when I was a kid, that was then passed down to my kids -- I definitely don't have room for two!)

First things first.  I want to make some kind of closet/wardrobe big enough to fit all of Agnes' stuff.  To be able to hang gowns, fold sweaters, stack shoes.  Definitely a dream of mine.

I have a great "doll find".  (And it's cheap).  I was at the container store.  They have the greatest lucite "shoe boxes"  I can't fix the high heeled ones in there, but the flats fit fine.  $2 for a dozen!  Can't beat it.
They come in a package.  The brand is BoxBox.  Crystal Clear (must be the color).

Those of you with Barbie, Fashion Royalty or Joe Thai -- would find these perfect.

See how easily I get side tracked.  I started off talking about spending more time, "sticking to my knitting" if you will, I ended up digressing into my latest "find" for Agnes.  No more shopping -- more finishing of projects!  I have a ton of unfinished and yet begun projects.  I have the materials, maybe lacking the creative juices or drive.  I guess without a deadline, I have a hard time completing things!

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  1. Same here! I need to start building my doll's wardrobe and i have to make a list of the things she needs in her wardrobe. Also like you i have a lot of unfinished projects lol.