Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marie wig... progress??

So I remembered this wig that I have been "working on".  I think I have several more steps, but this is where I am.  Needs something.......  Can't put my finger on it.

I used thin drinking straws to curl the goat hair.  I made 2 sets of three curls.  I wet the hair and wound it curler style onto the straw (Cut into 2" pieces) once it was dry, I eased it off the straw and glued it in place.  I also made some tendril style curls to place at the temples.

I've made this style wig before for my Narae doll.  If I remember correctly, a user named Ira_scargeear on DOA first posted how she was going to make a Marie wig.  I was very intrigued.  That was the first I had ever seen a Marie wig.  Now, years later, here is Agnes' in the works. ;)  I think you can even buy Marie wigs now.  Just saw where Dollheart has them!   (Probably not in Agnes' size).

There are so many amazing things on DOA.  It was there, I remember seeing a doll with a ship on her head!  It was like a clipper ship.  It was about 2006 when it appeared on in human size.  Later, I remember seeing the same thing again for an ED!  So, perhaps there are just so many ideas or everyone gets inspired by stuff they see.  If it's out there, it will usually show up on DOA, then on a variety of boards or forums.

So, here's this recycled idea on my blog :)


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