Saturday, October 29, 2011

The glacial progress (of the pumpkin coach)

So,  I've been making progress albeit ever so slowly.

I attached the lining to the interior of the coach, I still have trim, etc to do.

After removing the clothes pins, I trimmed back the excess fabric.

You can still see the back seems.  I will cover those with trim.

This is a straight shot in.  You can see the brocade is smoothed out.

Without the flash, it has a rosy hue to it.  It isn't.  It is a pale grey/white with silver brocade.

I took a shot looking up (the interior roof)  Again, there is trim that will go down the walls and the center will have a button to give a cabochon like quality.

The blue mark is from the disappearing marker I used to mark out the pieces.  I was very thankful that the pieces fit.  I had

So far, I'm pleased with the results.  I had to abandon my thought of "quilting" the interior.  The thumb tacks were stressing/ruining the fabric.  It takes a long time to attach the interior as each stage has to dry before proceeding to the next.

I just lined the door (interior) with some fabric.  I still need to make the bench/seating and figure out the flooring.
More stuff to do and not necessarily in this order:

attach door
attach the trim
put on the ornamentation on the interior
Decorate the exterior
make the wheel base and attach it
make curtains; install them
as I mentioned, seating and flooring

So, there will be more posts! (seems like lots more).


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