Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happiness!

Happy Halloween.  What a fun holiday.  I had a cousin whose mom is from the UK.  When she came to this country and realized you could go door to door and get candy for free.  She went crazy!  We still laugh about her enthusiasm.  She even shipped candy back to her sisters who were younger!  Funny, having grown up here, I don't think of Halloween as a US holiday, but it is.

Now, being much older, I miss the days of making costumes for my kids!  Every August (yeah I start early) -- I'd ask them what they wanted to be and by Halloween, viola a costume would appear.  Most costumes were without patterns etc.  My youngest had the best "ideas" for costumes -- I would then execute them.  -- some of my favorites were a crayon, rainbow fish (from the book), oh and yes an ice cube -- that was tricky.  It was pvc pipe made into a cube shape covered in clear vinyl.  (her body was through the center of it).  Good times, good times.

Here's my daughter's costume this year (it is actually for homecoming) -- They were Magic Kingdom Seniors.  So I made her, well, the kingdom of course!  It's a massive costume, the roof is over 6' when on her, the spire is several feet over that.  It is probably about 10' soup to nuts spire and flag atop it.  There are turrets on the side that can't be seen in this photo.  It's felt and foam, foam core board, poster board, bamboo (skewers painted gold used for the flags), mesh for her to look out/breath and velcro to fasten it around her body.  It's wearable -- you can walk (though cumbersome) in it.  The kicker is I made it in one night (a looooooong night) -- started at 7:00 ended at 2:00 (yeah, that's am).  She did get first prize!  (they don't win anything) -- it's the thrill of it.

I didn't start on Halloween early enough this year.  I wanted to make Marie Antoinette -- killing two birds with one stone.  (I would get the Marie outfit I've always wanted for a doll and it could be used as a halloween costume) -- by next year I hope to have a halloween diorama.  I've started collecting little pumpkins and decorations.

Here's Agnes, on her way to a halloween ball.   She stopped for a photo.

Happy Halloweenie!

How I made it:  I started with the skirt  I cut 2 pieces of fabric.  Stitched the sides for the seams.  I also made a slit down the center back about 1/3 of the way down.  I folded over the sides to hem the raw edges.  I ran a stitch at the top of the skirt and gathered it.  For the bodice, I folded over the top and hemmed it.  I marked out where darts should be and darted the front.  I also darted the back for a better fit.  I folded over the bottom hem (as the velveteen made it too bulky to just sew a seam).  I made a tulle underskirt of black using a simple running stitch with a piece elastic through the waist area.  I basted the bodice to the skirt. I attached with a top stitch.  Snaps close the back (could have used velcro) I'm lazy; for me the snaps are easier.  

The mask (I was going to make out of velvet) but it turned out to be too bulky.  Next time I'm going to get flocked paper in black.  I found the right color cardboard so I cut out the mask.  Painted a tooth pick in gold, added glitter to the mask, attached the mask to the tooth pick.  The mask and gown are more purple in color.  The lighting is weird today as we've had nothing but rain.  

There's a peek of the Cinderella carriage.  (More about that in a couple days!)


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