Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amazing outfit

I got this outfit last week from MioMio on the doll boards.  Wow.  The workmanship and quality is amazing.  Very happy with this outfit.  I chose the Poppy version.  Oh Agnes looks sophisticated -- she needs an updo wig! (Put that on the list).  I was hoping I'd have the beaded slippers ready at least (didn't happen).

This outfit is two pieces.  The top is a blush silk covered in black net reversible to plain black.  The skirt is a blush silk with a rose covered tulle.  Really isn't done justice in my mediocre photos.  Also, Agnes' stand tends to push tops up and forward -- but as she is the porcelain beauty that she is -- she will not go standless ;)

The pretty cameo came with the outfit and is lovely.

Here's another shot

And finally, I thought I'd change it up with a change (of hair color)

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