Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Shoe Time!

 Bored, I decided to take a look at DOA at some of their tutorials.  Lots of very talented people there.  I came across a post by Switchblade.  It's title is Tutorial: Really Simple ballet flats. Well, its really to make flats (I'm not sure why they are referred to as ballet).   I drafted a pattern using paper towel.

Then I changed my mind.  I thought maybe I didn't want such a rounded toe.  Decisions....Decisions....

Now, I have to pick out some leather.  So I'm off to my stash.

Hmmmm.  I've got blue, red, black.... same old same old.  Ahhh..... yes.  metallics.  I love these metallic leathers.  I bought them years ago when I wanted to make some French fashion doll shoes.  Never made the shoes, but I kept the leather.  Finally a use.

Here's a sampling of some leathers.

I'll post my progress once they are completed (with the how to)


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