Sunday, February 26, 2012

There are so many things I want (to do)

I've been procrastinating about making Agnes a sweater.  Then I was on the boards yesterday I saw some really nice ones.  Note to self -- must order Agnes a sweater from Cozy couture.  I just don't have the time (or patience to try to make one).  I really want to make a feather bottom dress.  What you ask.... well.... I've been seeing in the human world all these designs that seem to use feathers as the skirt section and the bodice is some thing else.  I bought some YELLOW (that's right yellow) feathers and I want to try to make an "out there" type dress.  I can't decide what to for the bodice.

The sequins are on a stretchy mesh/tulle like material.

Then I started sketching (truly rough sketches -- I can't draw) and I decided I want to make a peacock dress.  I think the top should be either silk, velvet, or possible mesh (heavily beaded into the scalloped shape of feathers.  The bottom should be mesh with peacock feather "eyes" arranged in a pattern around to form the skirt.....  Must get on to buying some peacock feathers.  I looked through my "stash"  -- need a whole lot more... I'm thinking the 50 pieces may not be too bad of an idea.  Maybe a gown....

I've got this rosette piece I got in NYC and I'm going to use that for the hat! (top left corner)

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  1. I'm so in love with the features! They are beautiful.