Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something funny.....

Now, there must a reason that one is drawn to certain dolls.  And I know that Greta  ( for me ) was purchased because of her beautiful face.  I thought it was funny that Iphoto has a function that names faces.  (In other words when I first put in Greta (for instance) -- I name her in Iphoto -- and in subsequent photos, Iphoto will ask "Is this Greta?"  -- it usually is and I would just click yes.  Yesterday, when I uploaded one of Adriana's photos -- Iphoto asked "Is this Greta?" -- Now, I don't think I saw too much resemblance between the two, but I do think Greta reminds me of a young Natalia Vodianova and Adriana reminds me of Natalia as she got older.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Greta's name was "flower girl" and her artist is Russian Maryna S.  -- It is known that Natalia was discovered while selling flowers.  Also, I'm not certain about Adriana, but I remember when Nune (Adriana's artist) first sculpted a doll I thought had an uncanny resemblance to Natalia and I did ask him and he agreed.

If you have the time and the energy take a look at photos of Natalia on Google.  Then compare the old photos of her (when she was young) with:

and the more recent ones with


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