Friday, February 10, 2012

So.... the suspense may be killing you....

I was so enthralled.... almost didn't get a chance to post this.....  She arrived yesterday.  May I say I'm very pleasantly surprised.  The faceup on this doll is amazing.  A testament to the artist.

Her name is Adriana, her artist's name is Nune.  I had followed Nune's work on another Forum.  He has certainly outdone himself.

Here's a tiny peek.  I wanted another stop motion animation to welcome her, but it was not to be.  I do have a box opening video though...  I'll have to edit it and post it with some music to youtube ;)

I need to take better photos (in daylight)  All I have is my crappy camera and it's late at night.

It arrived earlier today from Thailand via FedEx!

I opened the box and saw a lot of thai writing.

Then I moved some of the newspaper and saw the stand.

It is a very elaborate silver metal stand with blue stones set in filagree work on the base.

She came with 2 wigs, but this one is by far my favorite as it is very unique and has a Jean Paul Gautier or maybe even Alexander McQueen like quality to it.

The eyes on this doll are amazing.  I did not capture that in this photo.  The wig is made of feathers!

She is porcelain, ball jointed, strung with springs and approximately 13.5" tall which makes her a bit of hybrid.  She's not quite 1/6 or 1/4 scale.  The good news is there is a doll out that is 13" and is commercially available so I'm hoping her clothes will fit.  Mostly I will be making her clothes.  I wanted to use this doll to make elaborate pageant type dresses for, but as I see her, I'm not "feeling it"....  I can imagine gowns but not really couture....  I'll definitely have more of her for you to see (Agnes is getting jealous though).


  1. Ooooooh, more pics, more pics!!! She looks beautiful!

  2. She is really something. Really amazing in person. I was never much for very pale skin for dolls, but Agnes started me liking it and now Adriana has continued this trend.