Friday, February 10, 2012

Shame on me for posting such rotten photos!

Here's a photo of Adriana (in an antique hankie)  with her ankles still wrapped in bubble plastic.

I couldn't seem to get a close up of her face.... here's my attempt.  It is a very dark and rainy day here

She's just out of focus!!!!!!!!!!  Drat.  I want to show her eyes!!  The art work is magnificent.

Her skin is very pale.  Similar to Agnes's.  She's bigger than Agnes and Greta.... I really can't decide.  I thought I preferred the 12" size, now I'm having second thoughts about that Coco Chanel doll I saw...

Agnes will always be my first love.  Her smooth bisque, her beautiful hands, her smug expression, (you get the idea)....


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