Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Sunday, the sun came out.... Finally

It had been 4 or 5 days of straight cloudy/rainy days...

So, I took a couple more snaps of Adriana.  She is a very beautiful doll.  (If you missed it, she's by artist Nune and she is an Immortal Classique)

This is the original costume she came with.  The workmanship is beautiful.

My photos don't capture her beauty.

Her eye color is AMAZING.

My question (to myself) where was Nune when Sybs were being thought up/created?  Everyone wanted an alternative to Tonner's Tyler -- a fashion doll -- hence the sybarites were born.    Instead of the mostly masculine faces, there could have been actual copies of models....  This is the next iteration.


  1. Thank you. The very talented Nune made/painted her. I've tried to capture her eye color, it doesn't convey in these photos. She is really stunning. She's become a quick favorite (although Agnes will always be my first love ;) )