Monday, February 27, 2012

I never have any time....

A very sweet forum member recently sent me a pattern so I want to get to trying that.... I need to have some solid time to block out for that (I need to concentrate when I'm using a pattern -- I think that's why I don't often get around to making things with patterns).  -- I love patterns though and collect them.

Everyday has been like a whirlwind lately... My mom is very ill, my daughter is waiting to hear from colleges, my other daughter is going to be in the UK soon....  I feel like a one armed juggler. ;)

I was playing around with this fabric as it reminds me of the palm beach set that I saw somewhere????  I always wanted to make some type of caftan with it.  I'm thinking maybe some beads added to it???  I'm going to finish whipping this up (hopefully tonight).

This is my "down time".  I find so little time that I really cherish each free moment.  Here is Adriana in her soon to be Palm Beach caftan.  I'm thinking I would love to take her over to Palm Beach and do a photo shoot of her there....

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  1. Every time I visit to the blog, I always get amazed to see how nice you play with your dolls. Both Agnes and Adriana have "elegant" costumes from your own hands! That's a real good time spending with the thing you love:-) Can't wait to see her more.
    Thank You for sharing.