Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally! Ode to Zuhair Murad Finished

I'm not sure what I did wrong... the photo looks pixelated and the silver isn't showing up on the skirt (Let me assure you, it's there!)

In 2009, Miley Cyrus wore a dress to the Oscars that was said to look like Glinda the good witch.   Critics were not very kind.  Further, it was said that the dress resembled a 1949 Dior dress (that was darker, but had essentially the same type of work on the skirt).  Google Miley Cyrus Zuhair Murad 1949 Dior and you will see the comparison.   This is kind of funny because I was thinking that the sheerness of the dress does remind me of the Dior line this year (they are using embroidery)-- but that airy feel does give it a Dior feel.

This was a tribute to that very dress (It is not a copy of the dress -- I just liked the elements).  Lots of cutting, stitching, gluing and glitter later -- the photo does not do justice (my photos never do).  I do love this dress but it was TIME consuming.  I started it back in August of last year and I just never thought it would be completed.

It started off with 10 tiers of fabric scalloped using a scalloped pinking shear.  I made a template and hand cut each tier.  I then made an under skirt.    I attached each tier following lines I had basted onto the under skirt.  Once they were all attached, it was time to decorate.  I then added 4 colors of sparkle glitter (extra fine) .  Black, White, Clear/crystal, and silver.

The next photo (although slightly out of focus) -- does show the silver detail a little better.

Thank goodness this is over.....

(on to the next one ;) )


  1. It came out beautifully! All that work paid off! :D

  2. Thank you. It was a labor of love but the actual dress is so pretty (the photos don't capture it). I appreciate the kind comments.