Friday, February 3, 2012

So, I caved and bought some more glitter

The problem is although it is called superfine -- it is not as fine as the other stuff......  I'll have to make due.

Somehow, some of the white glitter is actually opalescent (has greens and pink hues) in with the white.  I didn't use opalescent for the first tiers so I need to be consistent.  Murphy's law.  I went and started working on the glue of the white glitter and viola found the original glitter.... Figures.  I would have been looking until the cows come home had I not bought more glitter.

So, here's where I am....

Each large white dot (the size of a sequin) -- is glue dabbed on, spread out into a circular blob, then sprinkled with glitter.  Time consuming.


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