Friday, May 11, 2012

Another one....

Book that is....  this time it is another jumbo sized one on haute couture.  I am so happy with this book also.  My mom was with me when we got it and her comments made me laugh.  Most of the styles seem to be from the 90's -- That was fine with me.

I also got another book from the library...  Balenciaga... Nice book.  I've ordered a copy off Amazon as I liked it so much.

Before I forget, I got the cutest little outdoor bench for Adriana.   It is turquoise.  So cute. (and very inexpensive) -- photos will follow.

I've gotten an inspiration for a dress for Greta... (Greta is my bjd from Maryna Subenko) -- Maryna does an amazing job on faces....

Speaking of which, I have 2 dolls "on the horizon" -- hopefully.  I've been in contact with the artists and I'm "next in line" so to speak.


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