Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So, I did break down and make some more concessions.

Last week after contacting a woman who makes gowns,  I'm encouraged that she thinks her gowns will fit Agnes.  I ordered 2 to see if they "work" -- if so I'm definitely getting her to make more stuff for Agnes.  I know I keep saying it.  I'm no seamstress.  I wish I could sew all those tiny seams -- oh so straight -- but I can't (nor do I have the patience or the persistence to continue until I do)!

Like everything in the doll world.... it's going to take "a while".  I'm not going anywhere.  I can wait.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up,  I'm hoping they get here before that!

On one of the boards I saw some great gowns.  Unfortunately, the woman who makes them no longer sews for Agnes' size -- she has moved on to Syb size.  I can't blame her as it is probably more profitable without too much extra material or effort.

I'm looking for glamourous without it being too tacky.

So, once I find a seamstress, maybe I can get some of the more complicated dresses made.


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