Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WordSmith -- I have never been ;)

I read a ton of blogs, boards, and forums.  I read several that english is not the person's first language and therefore they spell phonetically.  It's fun, almost like a puzzle to figure out what people are trying to say.  I could never blog or comment in another language, I give those people my upmost respect.

I try my best when posting to spell correctly, make the best word choice (for me), and attempt not to slaughter the occasional adverb.  If I make an error, I'll usually go back and correct it if I catch it later.  This brings me to this post.  I was commenting on some one's post when I thought doding.  It came up as a spelling error as it does now.  What I really meant was doting.  I always rely on google to do my "spell check"  -- if I enter an incorrect word generally it says "did you mean..." giving me the correct word.

So I googled doding.  I laughed so hard when I saw the meaning in the urban dictionary (try it).  Definitely not what I was trying to say!

Hope you got a laugh from this one.  I will attempt to choose my words wisely, but a wordsmith I have never been!

Now, back to sewing!  The origin of this blog was to document Agnes and her wardrobe.  It seems like nothing but accessories these days.  I want to find a line that fits her, there doesn't seem to be one.  Some of the Poppy stuff fits her, but not all.


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