Sunday, November 13, 2011

An unusual Sunday post -- New dolls on the horizon??

I know for a while now, I've been thinking no more resin dolls.   Then I just saw this doll..... AHhhhhhhh!  I really love her whole look...... Must resist........  Last week I was on a bjd forum and noticed that this doll "does not conform" -- and is therefore banned from the forum.  Yah!  That usually means I'll like the doll.  I think it is very arbitrary what dolls are and are not allowed.  It's their forum -- whatever.

Here's the website.

Who would have thought a tag name like Buried In Oblivion would have such an effect.  She's a rather large doll (I think 47 Centimeters).  I can resist.....

She really is a beauty.  If they ever make her in 12" -- I'm getting 2!  (I wrote to them -- by email -- asking them if they would ever consider making a smaller size) -- I think there is a big market for a doll that is smaller than a Syb that can wear some of the fashion royalty or custom clothes from the fashion side.

Speaking of larger, Ficon came out with a new doll.  I like their clothes.  But again, I'm not too keen on the 16" size of doll.  Oh, I have some -- but I really think I prefer the 12" size.  Perhaps I'm being silly and some doll will sweep me off my feet??

I am impressed by the 14" Coco Chanel doll that Angelika Balan makes.

Ahhh.   So far, Agnes is my favorite doll by far (and I've got lots.... trust me).

There are just so many dolls out there.  It's hard to keep up.


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