Monday, April 16, 2012

I was reading a craft book, yeah, must have been bored!

I went to the library with my daughter and I had time to kill, so I went to the craft section 742.xx (something like that... dewey decimal system...alive and well).  Anyway.  I was looking at this book and viola something that caught my interest.  It is a how to on making pearl collars??? what you ask?  It is beaded collar (their's was made of pearls -- I thought, I could make one of these for my dolls using seed beads -- I have a TON of beads)....

Here's a photo of their version:

I never really thought about it, but you could make a lot of derivations -- I'm interested.

Hmmmm.... I'm sure I could make something similar -- I'm just not sure for which dress.


  1. that is very exciting!! :)

  2. Thanks, I'm trying the beading using seed beads and will post pictures soon