Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surprise....I'm also working on the coral dress again

I finished up (a bit) on the coral dress.... I know, I hop around more than the Easter Bunny...  I must have trouble focusing everything is shiny thing...  So, here's where I am on the Coral dress:

For the bodice, I want to make it from a stretch mesh and applique a painted coral from the skirt fabric onto it.  All is well, except I've misplaced the fabric paint.  Ugghhh.... here I go again.  Too many projects at once.

I also want to make a "peasant" dress -- what that will entail, I'm not too certain, but I've sketched something out and I'm going to scrounge up fabric from my craft area -- should be interesting.

A couple years ago, my daughter did a photo project, it was with a portfolio theme of "fairy tales" -- the characters were "re-imagined".  I made a dress for Alice -- Alice in wonderland -- I want to try to recreate something like that for a doll -- I'll see how it works....  Neither Agnes nor Adriana are the "right" age for such a dress.  I remember wanting a Dollstown doll and had I gotten one, it would have been perfect for Momo!! (That Dollstown Momo was just so cute)  -- If you are unfamiliar definitely google Dollstown Momo.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) -- I need to put some of my dolls stuff on hold and work on a quilt for my youngest daughter.


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