Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doll shapes... Waif like.... vs. Not so waif like

I suppose that Agnes and Adriana are somewhat waif like in that they have slightly boyish figures.  I never really gave it much thought.  I had to post this photo of one of my favorite dolls from Flickr

Skene on Flickr

On the flipside, there's another doll I love by dust of dolls!  (I couldn't remember the name of the company -- had to google). Their Puns.  I like the proportions.  Something about them just looks cute!

Puns by Dust of Dolls

I really liked the Dollstown Dolls, Momo in particular -- but I changed my mind when I read about their ankles.  Upon closer inspection, I did notice that their ankles are rather large -- Said to be for stability?? Other dolls don't seem to have those...

So, now I pay closer attention to the "little things".

I have some "surprises" coming up... Dollwise.... I'll keep you posted....


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