Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can't avoid the "Asian influence" --

I saw this fabric and I couldn't resist.  It reminded me of something... What I thought.  Then I remembered a few years ago in NY I bought these "cherry blossom" appliques -- Now to find them....  I just know there is a dress in this (somewhere).

How will I have time to make anything now that I've found Pintrest???  I remember hearing about it on the radio, then I was on one of the fashion doll boards a couple months back and someone was saying how they were addicted to it,  I went on... eh?  Not that interested.  My daughter explained as more people get on it, it will be more interesting... Ok.  The only thing that "bothers" me is you can't "pin" from Flickr -- some of the best doll artists are there and they don't have other sites, I can't pin them!!!!!!


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