Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ok, I admit it, I may be addicted to Pintrest

When I first discovered Ebay, I spent hours on there looking at stuff (and buying) -- My husband would go by (and there I was.... on Ebay) -- it got to be a joke with the postal people (Luckily, I moved -- and also I gave up Ebay (for the most part).

A few years ago, I found DOA (Den of Angels) -- again, I was on there all the time -- seeing all the ball jointed dolls, outfits, accessories, it was like a kid in a candy store.... Volks, Supia, Bobobie, Dollstown, on and on.

Then I moved to the doll boards -- again, pictures of dolls, dolls for sale, outfits, you see where this is going.  There was Barbie, Gene, Sybarites, JamieShow, Tyler, bjds, Avanteguards

Then it was Flickr.  All of the above and custom dolls!

Then a while back (on the boards) someone mentioned Pintrest (I had heard of it on the radio) but I didn't understand it.  I went on (and truthfully, without joining, it is not that interesting) -- now I've joined and I've loaded in a bunch of my interests.... (mostly dolls, doll stuff, some quilting, and various other stuff), I've started following other "Pintresters" -- probably not a word (yet) and I can't believe it.

There is a woman on there that is me.... Well, I should say, her interests so closely mirror my own, I'm somewhat amazed.  Also, I thought, quilts and miniature furniture -- those 2 must be mutually exclusive, but nope, there's a guy who has those as boards also.

It's funny because my daughter said something to me last night.  I kind of chuckled, but the more I think about it, the more I think hmmm....  Her comment was, there a school of thought that says there are no new ideas, what ever you (or anyone can think up) has been thought up in the same or another form before.  (They may or may not have acted on it.) -- Deep....

I think back to the quilt I thought I "made up in my head" -- Ok, take these batik squares then frame them with some black calico fabric -- I saw a similar one on line and "pinned it" to my Pintrest board...  I thought back to when doll makers have "come up" with ideas for dolls (and I've seen them before -- I always wondered if they had seen them (consciously, or subconsciously) before...

I was just looking at the orange feather dress I made, I realize now, that Enchanted doll has a similar one they made perhaps years ago.  It is also orange or in the red family, it has feathers for the skirt portion (although their feathers are so delicate) and the top well, it is beaded.  (their dress is much more professional/gorgeous) -- But I'm sure I must have seen that dress but yet, I did not consciously remember it when I set out to make a feather dress (the funny thing is I started out with yellow feathers -- and thought it looked too chicken like).

Speaking of chickens, what came first, the chicken or the egg?  Are all ideas just out there and we come up with what we think are our ideas... and they really aren't??  That brings me back to my addiction to Pintrest -- It is like Flickr in that you see soooooooooo many new things, the cool thing about Pintrest is that you can link back to the original site and read more about it, or order it if it is a product, or see original stuff if it is someones!  This is definitely going to be the major marketing tool of the next generation.  (It is like Flickr or Facebook people, get on there!)  If you are a doll maker, a costume maker, or a casual observer... Try Pintrest!


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