Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I know I'm kind of late, but I needed to pick up a package at the post office

We have the worse post office ever, when I complained that I get my mail after 5:30 pm each day, I was told that they cut back staff and it (delivery) might be later?????

Yesterday, I'm pretty sure I was home when the mail lady left a slip (We missed you, please pick up your package -- tomorrow!)  ahhh crap.  I was just at the post office yesterday.  Another trip.  It about 5 miles or so from the house (involves going over a bridge) and taking local roads -- see where this is going... painful.

Now for the big reveal... what's in the mail....

Much to my surprise.... It was not what I expected (at all) -- but, I will share as it is somewhat blog related.

I ripped it open in the post office and thought (awwwwhhh!)  It is a work of art in itself, just not what I was expecting...

I think I did really well capturing this cover as it is a hologram of the metal Skull he is famous for and his actual face.  It is non other than Alexander McQueen and probably one of the greatest of all time designers.  I will always love Oscar de la Renta (for his classic design), Chanel (for timeless design) -- and McQueen (for over the top/ out there design).

I'm pretty sure my daughter once met Mr. McQueen in Paris.  That's another story all together.

Too cool.  Most of his collection is in here, some, I didn't see but it is not a complete collection of all his works... My favorite is in there:

I think George at JamieShow did this and the Lady Gaga shoe as doll shoes.  Bless his heart.

RIP, some times genius has its price.


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