Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guess I've been away longer than I thought

I bought something to help me on my way (hopefully)

People who bead probably recognize these right away.  They are little flocked triangles.  I can best describe them as reminding me of jewelry boxes, but not as deep.

I figure I'm in for a lot more beading, not less, so I should invest in these.

I've been feverishly trying to work on my daughter's quilt.  Here's the front so far.  All the "patchwork" part of it is done.  Next is quilting and binding.

The yellow balls are quilter's pins and I'm making my quilt sandwich....  (note to self:  Quilts take time and patience; I have neither).

Love the way it is coming along though.  I've heard quilts are like having children, you don't remember the time and the labor once you look at the finished product.  (I'm hoping this is true -- I've only made small quilts in the past.


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