Friday, April 6, 2012

I was killing time today and came across this!

It is the first ceramic one that I have come across, so I had to have it!

It has a small chip on the leg -- there were no more...  Want it anyway!  Of course it would be on the side I'm photographing!

The white spot on the rear leg is the chip....  

Hey my CP (crappy photography) is what makes my blog "charming" -- ;)

It is the perfect size.  Why didn't I just photograph the other side you ask??  Well, worse than the chip is this giant paper sticker that says this container is not suitable for food consumption... It is all over this thing... really who would have used this and for what type of food???  I think it's original purpose is to put soaps or bath beads...   Adriana loves it (or I should say I love Adriana in it!)


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