Sunday, April 20, 2014

So... I've got doll fever

It doesn't come over me often (thankfully), however I feel it coming on-- I keep jumping around.  I have dolls on order that have yet to arrive.  I've definitely bonded with my latest little lovely Secretdoll person.  (And I was contemplating getting another.)  But, like a wave on the ocean, I've already set my sights on my next doll.  Scary really, as I haven't even received the last ones I've ordered and I'm on to my next -- Luckily, that won't be happening too soon.  As it will take some time for me to save up.

In the meantime,  I've promised to adopt out my piles of dolls. -- can't decide if I should evil bay or use some other method.    Sad really -- so many dolls that I just don't have an interest in -- they call it not bonding with doll -- I saw a blog that put it well -- just buyer's remorse.  (I see many other "adoptions" out there so I know I'm not alone).

The problem is they are all vinyl or resin and I probably can't get anywhere near what I paid for them.  I just need to move on so I'll just get what I can and call it a day.  My loss-- someone else will be happy.

BTW, Happy Easter!

Lilly not wanting to be "seen" in her Easter dress....


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